2024 Apartmentalize

Welcome to Online Affiliate Group Bulk Purchase Registration for 2024 Apartmentalize

The Group Primary Contact (Group Coordinator) should be the one maintaining the responsibility of registering and monitoring those who are added to the Group Account.

Do not give your log in information to anyone. Anyone with this information will have complete access to your group attendee records, including access to your allotted attendee badges, the ability to make name changes, and purchasing extra tickets on the company's behalf

Affiliate Group Instructions

Affiliate Bulk Purchase

An Affiliate Coordinator must be created prior to a bulk purchase. Please enter your affiliate name below and click "Continue" to proceed to a bulk purchase. Please refer to the Affiliate Group Instructions link above.

Manage Affiliate Group

An Affiliate Coordinator must be created prior to managing the affiliate group. If you have already created and affiliate contact, please provide you Affiliate Coordinator login number and password and then click "Login" to proceed to manage your group.

2024 Apartmentalize
11208 Waples Mill Rd, Suite 112, Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: 800-934-1957 or 571-549-4518
Fax: 703-574-8332
Email: naaapartmentalizereg@spargoinc.com